Audi RS5 Sportback


Everything is the same on paper. If you look at the Audi RS5 Sportback, nothing has changed apart from a few visual changes. But if you look deeper into the datasheet and drive it for a few minutes, it turns out that the 2020 model year will result in more changes. You can check the video from youtube to learn more about the Audi RS5 Sportback. 

Video driving – Audi RS5 Sportback

Slight loss of emotion due to less sound

The most apparent change is immediately audible. Anyone who knows the predecessor will immediately notice that the timbre is entirely different despite the sports exhaust system. The RS5 Sportback no longer sounds dull, but almost a little hoarse and nowhere near as aggressive as before the facelift. Besides, it has become more expensive, around 3,000 euros, and approximately 52 kilograms heavier. This may well be due to the now-standard Matrix LED headlights. But it can also have something to do with the new emissions regulations.

The driving impression of the new RS5 Sportback

Ultimately, it is also how it drives that counts. Fortunately, nothing has changed here. The 2.9-liter V6 bi-turbo also powers the four-door sports coupe. 450 horses and a relatively early torque of 600 Nm provide both propulsion and joyful moments for the driver. I tested drive this car at my local dealer, and this car also has the option of DRC, which is to say the sports suspension plus pitch and roll compensation. Thus, quick curve combinations are possible without much shaking. Primarily, the structure does not follow the fundamental physical laws but instead leans against it. So you quickly forget that the new one may have become a little heavier.

Touch instead of turning and pressing

There is also a significant innovation in the interior. The rotary pushbutton has disappeared, but there is a small additional shelf. The complete infotainment is now controlled via a 10 “touchscreen, which is placed high above. However, if you want, you still have to order the virtual cockpit with 12.3 ”. Because the RS5 Sportback still has analog round instruments as standard.